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This is a very bittersweet thing to report, but we have sold out of TŌNEMs! This was very unexpected and we are working on restocking now. I am hoping to have more units available by mid July 2024. Thank you for your patience. If you would like to be notified when we are back in stock and receive a 25% discount code please contact me at:

— Dhyana D.

TŌNEM puts the transformative power of pure tones in the palm of your hand. Making meditation effortless and allowing you to quickly reconnect with the natural vibrations of Earth.


Because the stresses of modern life can be overwhelming and we've created a powerful tool to quickly recenter your mind and body.

Our Pure Tone Emitter is an auditory therapy and meditation device that's rooted in sound healing and backed by science. There's nothing else like it, honestly.

Purpose built with 10 Pure Tones and 2 Powerful Modes to instantly reconnect you with the natural vibrations of Earth.

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Reduce Anxiety

Lower Heart Rate

Promote Self Healing

Deeper Meditation

No Gimmicks

Pure tones only. NOT "relaxing space music."

Distraction Free

No wifi, bluetooth or cell phone needed.

Take Anywhere

Heavy duty design. Long lasting battery.

Unique Features

Continuous Play and Timed 3-minute Mode